DAVID CHURCH, Chair (dchurch@orangecountygov.com)

The Policy Working Group is tasked with devising legislative solutions to problems in the watershed. This could involve several facets of public policy: researching existing best practices and local laws, drafting legislative agendae, working with local governments to adopt beneficial local laws, and advising communities on public policy.

Goals of the Policy Working Group

Short Term Goals
Develop a 5-minute presentation on the watershed & the Alliance
Compile database of all relevant local laws in watershed municipalities
Compile all relevant studies done by watershed municipalities
Advocate for County laws to require septic system inspections
Use GIS to measure the extent of potential riparian buffers

Medium Term Goals
Meet with Conservation Advisory Commissions (with Outreach WG)
Meet with Town Supervisors/Town Boards (with Outreach WG)
Meet with County and State level officials
Meet with government agencies
Advocate for science-based riparian buffers along the river and its tributaries

Long Term Goals
Work with farmers to find ways to put more buffer areas in the CREP program
Work with farmers to find other ways to allow 100’ buffers on waterways without harming their farm.
Create a 9-Element Watershed Plan for each major lake in the watershed
Create a 9-Element Watershed Plan for each major tributary in the watershed
Create a 9-Element Watershed Plan for the entire watershed

The Wallkill was once well known for its smallmouth bass fishing. Video still of “Smallmouth Bass Feeding on Crayfish” by Engbretson Underwater Photography. https://youtu.be/DBEoiVad_8c